Here is the list of top companies that have been involved in the EV market for several years and established a strong industry presence.


Tesla’s global sales grew 43% YoY in Q3 2022 to over 343,000 units. The company saw increased demand for its vehicles in Europe this quarter. 

The smoothing production ramp in its Berlin factory helped deliver a record number of Model Ys in Germany this quarter.


Volkswagen’s EV sales increased by 28% YoY to recover from their Q2 dip. The ID.4, ID.3 and ID.6 series had the top-selling Volkswagen models during the quarter. 

BYD Auto remained the global market leader, shipping more than 537,000 EV units, an increase of 197% YoY. Its top three models – BYD Song, BYD Qin, and BYD Han – contributed to over 56% of the company’s sales during the quarter.

BYD’s overseas operations have been picking up fast; it sold almost 17,000 EV units across various regions including Europe, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa, and Oceania in Q3 2022

Hyundai delivered another strong performance in the third quarter as several popular EV models led to 27% EV sales growth. Hyundai announced its intentions to build a dedicated electric vehicle facility in the United States.

 Meanwhile, the Hyundai Group, including Kia and Genesis, has been scaling EV production en route to claiming second place in terms of EV sales for the first half of 2022, behind only Tesla.

French carmaker Renault said that sales of its conventional and electrical vehicles sold 1,000,199 units in the first half of 2022