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How to Create Full System Backup in Windows 11

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Backing up the system image file on Windows 11 to OneDrive

1. Press Windows Logo Key + I to open Settings.

2. Next, the user needs to open up the ‘System‘ tab and then go forward just needs to open up the ‘Storage‘ option.

The ‘Advanced backup settings’ menu is opened. Next, the user will need to browse for the “Backup files in OneDrive” option. If the user does not have one, they can create one. After logging in to their OneDrive account, the procedure can be completed using the instructions on the screen.

Backup to the external storage device
The backup process remains the same. However, there are some changes to the selections made in the Storage menu under the Settings app. After selecting ‘Backup from OneDrive,’ the next step is to choose ‘Backup files with File History.

Only the next step allows for any changes. To change the location where files are backed up, the user must click on “Add a Drive.” To avoid doing it manually each time, you can toggle the “Automatically back up my files” options once the drive has been selected.

These are the best ways to back up files in Windows 11. They keep your data safe and sound. These two steps include the OneDrive backup as well as backing up files to local storage. These two processes can be performed seamlessly and without any difficulty.

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